Jan 7, 2012

Board Meeting-Special Meeting- January 4, 2012

Gardiner Sanitary District
Board of Directors Meeting
Special Meeting
January 4, 2012

     Meeting called to order by Jackie Degman, present were Board Members  Mike Quartararo, Charlotte Hinshaw, Dixie Hash, and Marc Fullhart.  Also present were Mary Chambers, Bob Brown and, arriving late: Susana Nordhoff.

Mike started out the meeting by playing the phone message that Susanna had left on his voice mail on the evening of 1/2/12 in which she stated that her last day of work would be 1/3/12, and she would turn in the keys.  Susanna worked an unusually long day on 1/3/12.  President Degman received a phone call from Susanna stating that she had left her keys with Mark C., and had removed Bob Brown’s name from the emergency call list.
Dixie made a motion to accept Susanna’s verbal resignation and, in addition, as part of that motion the board chose not to extend Susanna's probation/pre-employment beyond her 6 month probationary period as per the consensus reached at the Dec. 28th executive session; Mike seconded the motion and the motion passed by unanimous voice vote. 
Dixie reported that the Intergovernmental Agreement with the City of Reedsport had been amended as requested so that the Wastewater I vs Wastewater II certification question was addressed; there is no difference, some entities call it one thing and others call the same thing another.  So the agreement has been signed as agreed to by both sides.
Jackie reported that Susanna told her that she had let the DEQ know that Gardiner Sanitary District no longer had a certified wastewater technician on staff.  Dixie said that she would contact Becky Bryant, Mary Camarato, Steve Nichols and Susan Morgan and apprise them of our situation, and that we have the agreement with the City of Reedsport in place to provide proper certification.
Mike requested that a certified letter be sent to Susanna requesting any district materials in her position be returned immediately.                   

Susanna requested a copy of the job description that she had been given when applying for the job, and proceeded to retrieve it from the file cabinet and make a copy. Susanna was then given her final paycheck. 

Dixie made a motion to adjourn, Mike seconded and the meeting was adjourned.   
Submitted by Mary Chambers (Office Manager)